A magical atmosphere in Paris for the end-of-year celebrations

7 years ago - Pauline P.

The end-of-year celebrations are approaching, and the capital takes its finery. Discover what Paris has to offer for a more magical and wonderful Christmas...

Dreamlike Illuminations

Under the dome of Galeries Lafayette Paris

The City of Light bears its name even better at the end of the year, and a stroll at nightfall takes you on a magical journey. Follow our stunning itinerary:

  • Start your walk on the Grands Boulevards: the department stores of Galeries Lafayette and Printemps will amaze young and old with their illuminated façades and their window displays with hundreds of puppets and automatons each year. Do not miss the inside of the Galeries Lafayette and the giant Christmas tree of 20 meters high, a true work of art on its own.
  • Walk down from Rue Tronchet to Place de la Madeleine, where luxury caterers compete to showcase festive delicacies.
  • After the church of La Madeleine, take rue Royale and do not miss the “Village Royal”, a small illuminated passage where you will find luxury boutiques.
  • Further down, you will come to the illustrious “Place de la Concorde”, where the Ferris wheel is waiting for you to discover Paris from above. The panorama on the Champs Elysees, the Tuileries and the Louvre is superb, but cover yourself well, it is very cold once up there!
  • End your walk with the Champs Elysées big Christmas market and admire the illuminations of the most beautiful avenue in the world.

A classic itinerary but one that will make you discover the best of the Parisian spirit of Christmas.

The big wheel of the Tuileries

Museums in celebration

Two events not to be missed during this holiday season:

  • The nave of the Grand Palais hosts an exceptional event each year. One of two years, it turns into a covered fun fair. Great wheel, carrousel and other iconic rides take place under the illustrious canopy of the Grand Palais, a masterpiece of architecture. The following year, the nave becomes a gigantic Ice palace, hosting the largest indoor ice rink in the world! events to be enjoyed during a nocturnal opening for even more magic...

In 2016, le Grand Palais des Glaces, from 14/12 to 2/01

Ice rink at Le Grand Palais Paris

  • We have already told you about it, but we are really big fans of the musée des Arts Forains near Bercy. And the end of the year is the only period when this magnificent collection of art forain dating from the 18th century to present day; is open to the general public, without reservation. Have fun with family on these rides of another time...

Festival du Merveilleux, from 26 December 2016 to 02 January 2017

Musée des Arts Forains Paris

Delicious and luxurious delights

After a long walk in the cold, nothing like a gourmet break to warm up. And to rejoice your pupils, give in to the delicious tea times of Parisian palaces, you will be dazzled by the festive atmosphere of these exceptional establishments.

At the Peninsula: the classic tea-time of this palace transforms during the holidays into "Christmas Tea Time". A jazz orchestra and a children's choir accompany this great luxury cocooning moment, where mignardises, exceptional log and rare teas will delight your taste buds. 55 € per person, from 15h to 18h

At the Shangri La: 100% vegan tea and 100% delicious, this is the originality of the Shangri-La palace in Paris. No animal protein but flavors that will explode in your mouth that’d be as well for the 3 pastries, biscuits and mini-sandwiches that accompany the excellent Sri Lankan teas from Dilmah. 45 € per person, from 15h30 to 17h30

At the Buddha Bar: mini truffle burger, foie gras cake and smoked salmon brioche, this is a salted and refined entrée that proposes the Buddha Bar for its Christmas tea time. Then  2 delicious pastries to choose from, accompanied with a hot drink, in the comforting atmosphere of the bar Le Quatre. 28 € per person, from 15h to 18h every day except Sunday.

Tea time in Parisian palaces