Family walks: the most unusual museums in Paris

7 years ago - Pauline P.

When going on family trips, its not easy to compose a sightseeing and walking program that appeals to everyone... The classical museums, very few for children, the rides and play areas, parents get tired quick ! To reconcile young and old, follow our guide to unusual museums of Paris: there is something for everyone!

The Museum of Magic

The Museum of Magic

Nestled in the heart of the Marais, one of the most pleasant districts of the capital, the Museum of Magic should delight the whole family, young and old alike, amateurs and novices ... It offers a journey into the world of the great illusionists from the 18th Century to present: accessories, tricked objects, posters, optical illusions ... adjoin in the museum, where it is difficult to disentangle fact from fiction. A magic show ends the visit, to take your full attention and fuel up long family discussions!

Opens: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 14:00 to 19:00 throughout the year, including July and August.

Open daily during Paris school vacations (All Saints day, Christmas, winter and spring).

The Musée de l’art ludique

The Musée de l’art ludique

Newcomer to the Parisian culture, the playful art museum was inaugurated in 2013 in the new building of the Docks (cité de la mode et du design), the fluorescent green floating pavilion on the Seine in the 13th arrondissement. Manga, comics, animated films, video games ... It presents these new arts, an effective pathway to contemporary art.

Marvel exhibition at the Musée de l'art ludique

Parents and children can discover these masterpieces that make todays culture, through temporary exhibitions of high quality. After Pixar, Marvel and Blue Sky studios who is behind the Ice Age saga, it is now the Walt Disney studio that will be honored soon for a complete retrospective from the 1920s to present day and will engineer the creative genius of this iconic studio.

Open every day except Tuesday, hours available on the website.

The musée des arts forains

The Musée des arts forains - Paris     The Musée des arts forains - Paris

Children of all ages will have their eyes that shine while discovering the musée des arts forains, nestled in the Pavilions of Bercy. This dream world is full of rides, entertainment objects and rare items that are available to visitors in a truly enchanting place.

It is a former antique dealer and broker, Jean Paul Favand, who gathered and staged this unique collection covering the history of the shows and the carnivals from the 1850s to the present. From his imagination this musem show is born without limits, which invites visitors to experience the excessiveness and the vibrant Paris of the Belle Epoque. A trip back in time!

Open all year to individuals and groups with reservations.

Le Manoir de Paris

The Manor of Paris

Sensitive souls refrain ! This is not for children but for teenagers and adults that have tough hearts that the Manoir de Paris caters to, a unique place described as the "first Haunted show in France". In a listed building of the 10th arrondissement, the Manoir de Paris offers visitors a dive in their worst nightmares: 35 professional actors, in makeup and costumes that are more than realistic, who scare during a visit of theses horror sights. Serial killers, zombies and horrific clowns await you on the other side of the gates of hell...

The Manor of Paris

Open all year round on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and on weekdays during school holidays.

Not recommended for children under 12, you may find more information on the website.