Insider tips: discover the Paris of Parisians

7 years ago - Pauline P.

During a first visit to Paris, there is of course the inevitable: the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysees, Ladurée and the Lido. We have that tourist look because we are tourists, with a camera around our neck, a backpack ... But we would love to be there as connoisseurs and share with our friends those classified places, to play along as the expert that knows the capital like the back of his hand.

For this, nothing is better than to make an appointment with a native: Parisians, the real Parisians! A species that often runs through the metro underground, or that zigzags along the boulevards in their Vélib, but who also loves their city so much that they act as expert ambassadors of it. Come and meet these people who put their time and passion into the city of Paris for the benefit of visitors and to guide travelers to discover their favorite spots...

Greeters Paris, for strolls off the beaten tracks

Visit with a true Parisian

The Volunteers from the Association “Greeters Paris” are passionate people who will take you on a walk to their favorite areas of the capital. Here, we do not reserve a tour for a specific area, but give information about the interesting parts (architecture, gardens, history, shopping) to let our guide take us on a tour according to our preferences. A way to discover the real Paris of Parisians, in groups of 1 to 6 people!

Ciwi, A network of generous Parisians and great places

Ciwi, a welcome network for foreigners in Paris

Ciwi which stands for “Can I Welcome You”, is the first network of Parisian ambassadors serving French and foreign visitors. All week, a meeting between Parisians and tourists is organized in a bar in the city, to exchange advice and "good tips". Group walks are also organized during local events like “Nuit Blanche” (contemporary art event throughout the city) or the Night of Museums. A digital city guide is also available on the website, with original routes, good deals and discounts in partner shops. Something to have to finally get to know Paris inside out!

VizEat, A great deal to eat at a local’s house

Have diner at a local’s house

To discover Paris from the inside, nothing is better than to invite yourself to have dinner at a Parisians place! This is what the VizEat application offers; it connects visitors and residents willing to open their doors for an evening. A different way to discover French cooking, to share good ideas on the menu and for a convivial evening as well as a delicious one. VizEat also organizes market tours and cooking classes, to discover the French capital in another way...

BubbleGlobe, Unusual activities to discover Paris in another way

Different activities Paris

Visit Chinatown with a local, discover the best Paris rooftops, go around and visit the best Parisian pastries... many classified visits that are difficult to organize on your own. So follow BubbleGlobe, true experts of Paris, for a half-day or a full day of exciting discoveries.

Get off the beaten track and experience Paris from the inside; your stay will be even more memorable!