Vegan Dining in Paris

2 years ago - Léa D.

What is veganism? Responses from addicts...

To be vegan is to refuse animal exploitation. This involves not consuming animal flesh, dairy products, eggs, honey... Vegan cuisine consists 100% of plant products and is above all very delicious! Even though veganism has become more common over the past several years, it is not always easy to find restaurants that offer 100% vegan dishes: this is why we have put together a wonderful list of the most recommended vegan spots in Paris so that you can fill your belly, satisfy your tastebuds, and take care of the planet!

Wild and the Moon

Inspired by the seasons, Wild and the Moon’s recipes are full of flavors from all around the world. You will find a selection of cold pressed juices, vegetable drinks, smoothies, salads, soups, desserts, super bowls, and snacks. Wild & The Moon products are homemade from fruits, vegetables, herbs, roots, and wild plants. They don’t use any refined sugars, additives, preservatives, GMOs, gluten, or dairy products: the menu is 100% vegan.

The setting is soothing and natural: wooden tables, plants climbing to the ceiling and brightening up the room with green… It’s a great place to fill your belly while taking care of both yourself and the environment! We recommend: the Super Bowl made with red lentils, chickpeas, marinated mushrooms, sweet potato, and pickled beets.

Wild and the Moon – 19 place du Marché Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris

Wild and the Moon

La Guinguette d’Angèle

Coconut milk panacotta, roasted cauliflower with turmeric, cream of squash with red lentils… are you convinced yet? If you're looking for a place to eat organic and gluten-free food, don't hesitate: La Guinguette d'Angèle is at your service.

A guru of detox cuisine, its original and subtle recipes will leave you wanting more.

You will also find a delicatessen and books on site, as well as a catering service for your events!

La Guinguette d’Angèle : 34 rue Coquillère, 75001 Paris

L’Abattoir Végétal “The Vegetable Slaughterhouse”

Another famous spot in Paris: a must-see spot for feasting on a falafel burger and sweet potato fries, guacamole pancakes, raw vegetables and scrambled tofu with cumin, blue cheese spreads from the Jay & Joy creamery… Not to mention the coffee-shop and the juice bar which attracts all the neighborhood’s regulars! Needless to say, it’s hard to choose. Established in a former butcher's shop, this paradox is where the spot gets its name. The owners are local, the goods artisanal and made on a human scale for a tasty result: authentic cuisine that is respectful of the world around it!

L’abattoir Végétal : 61 rue Ramey, 75018 Paris

L'abattoir Végétal

Le Potager de Charlotte

Our favorite Parisians are particularly fond of this place, located in the heart of the ninth arrondissement. In charge of this popular canteen in the ninth arrondissement are two brothers - David and Adrien - who enhance the image of vegan cuisine. Though the recipes change with the seasons, the delicious rice and chickpea pancakes are this spot’s star dish. Served with sweet potato puree with toasted sesame cream, smoked tofu and black sesame.

Le Potager de Charlotte – 12 rue de la Tour d’Auvergne, 75009

Le Potager de Charlotte